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Investment Promotion

    Investment Promotion Division

    * Planning Section:
    1.Investment policy/ project research.
    2.Domestic and international investment environment study for investment Promotion.
    3.Investment website and the investment information database maintenance work.
    4.Collecting investment laws and regulations information.
    5.Integration of investment information.
    6.Reviewing and improving investment promotion’s performance.
    7.Research and evaluation for investment promotion.

    * Marketing Section:
    1.The domestic and foreign investments inspect and observe and emulate and the promotion technical collaboration. 2.The excavation and collects the entire opportunities for investment.
    3.Marketing promotion and medium utilization.
    4.Editing investment publicity material.

    * Services Section:
    1. The investment plan tracking.
    2.To solve the investment barriers.
    3.The investment case counselling and assistance services.
    4. Provides the investment service consultation and expert services.
    5.Strengthening one-stop center for investment services.