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Market Administration Division
With the responsibility on registered Public market, Private market, and night market management, Market Administration Division will continue to renovate relevant buildings and facilities as well as provide modern management concepts. The purpose is to preserve the unique market culture with traditional societal characteristics and create more quality shopping spots.
Market Section
1. Market matters processing and dispute handling.
2. Void spaces re-utilization or conversion to other public purpose.
3. Dengue fever prevention and market surrounding maintaining.
4. Market retailing price updating.
5. Investment in public construction relevant events.
6. Supermarket lease administration.
Engineering Section
1. Public-Markets’ facilities and construction renovation.
2. Public-Markets’ utilities and fire-control inspection and improvement.
3. Public-Markets’ security inspection and updating.
4. Public-Markets’ engineering and integrated issues management.
5. Land of Market evaluation and development.
6. Private-Markets’ and Night markets’ facilities renovation.
7. Budget and accounting control.
Vendors Section
1. Registered Night Market matters and issues follow-up.
2. Registered Night Market environmental administration.
3. Vendor document checking and database set-up.
4. Night Market relevant counseling and application.
5. Information of Food Security collecting and updating.
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